Ayodhya, one of the major holy cities of Hinduism in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Rama and setting of the epic Ramayana. The epic describes the Lord Rama’s fourteen-year exile, his victory over the evil and return with his wife Sita in the Ayodhya. This return is since then celebrated as Diwali, which is the leading festival of millions and millions of Hindus throughout the world. Ayodhya’s history has also been remarked by the Hindu-Muslim disputes about building of a temple and mosque. Ayodhya is a very well connected city that has routes from major and neighborhood cities and states. There’s an airport in Lucknow which is about 130 Kms away from Ayodhya and one can easily travel to Ayodhya by getting down at the airport in Lucknow. Train routes are also well connected to Ayodhya from Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Allahabad and other cities. Mostly, vegetarian food is being served and offered in the city’s restaurants and hotels. One of the most famous restaurant in Ayodhya is Makan-Malai Restaurant that serves an exotic mix of fine cuisine and beverages. Staying in Ayodhya is not at all an issue as a number of Dharamshalas are available that are near railway stations and major tourist attractions. Some of the main Dharamshalas are Birla Dharamshala, Hotel Ramprastha, Jain Dharamshala, Pathik Niwas Saket, Ram Dham Guest House and many more. Ayodhya temples are famous nationwide and Ayodhya is infact famous for its ancient temples that are visited by a large number of tourists all the yearlong.



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