Gujarat, a state on the western coast of India lies on the Kathiawar peninsula. Gujarat is the fifth largest state of India by area and is ninth larger in terms of population. It is bordered by Rajasthan, Diu and Daman, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Gandhinagar is its capital and Ahmedabad is its largest city. This state was also home to Mahatma Gandhi and there are majority of Gujaratis found here. Their cuisine is primarily vegetarian and some of the popular dishes include kadhi, khichdi, buttermilk, dhokla, fafda, jalebi and khakra. Makar Sankranti and Navratri are two main festivals of the Gujratis. Chanya Choli is the folk costume of the Garba dance in Navratri.

Tourism has flourished significantly in Gujarat as it is one of the most popular states in the country. With millions of tourists visiting Gujarat every year, the tourism growth rate in Gujarati is twice that of the national growth rate. Gujarat is a popular destination due to a number of reasons. It is home to some of the most amazing museums, memorials, scenic views, ashrams, ancient temples, classical forts, luxuriant palaces and beautiful landscape.



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