Hong Kong

Known as the glamorous and the best shopping city, Hong Kong is one of the top favourite destinations among tourists in the world. This city brings a smile on everyone’s faces and a shine in everyone’s soul. There’s so much more in this city apart from dazzling skylines and delicious cuisines. Hong Kong is one of the most populous cities in the world situated on China’s southern coast. South China Sea covers this city from three directors except the north. The currency used here is the Hong Kong Dollar.

Long back, this city was not so posh and hi-fi as it is today. It was merely an agricultural and fishing village. Now, Hong Kong has become one of the most important commercial port centres. This city is rich in flora and fauna diversity. Hong Kong also holds more than 300 towers that are taller than 150 meters. One can come across an amazingly unique designed structures that are mesmerizing to look at as well as ancient sculptures that are so pure and cultural. This city is home to luxury. Resorts, spas, malls, adventure centres, gaming zones, theme parks, pubs, bars, parlours, restaurants and everything in Hong Kong are luxurious that can make you in awe. This city is developing on a very significant rate past few years and is one of the top importing and exporting cities. This city is rich in its infrastructure and is very hygienic and safe.

Tourism industry in Hong Kong has flourished at lightning speed. It accounts for 5% of the GDP. More than 20 million tourists visit Hong Kong every year. Hong Kong is said to be the most popular tourist destination in China. This city is highly sophisticated and so, it is also a very expensive city in China as it provides the number one service and infrastructure; all with luxury. There’s an octopus card which is an online payment card that is widely used in Hong Kong retail stores, malls, public transports, etc. Talking about culture, Hong Kong is a multicultural city that believes in traditional values as well as modernism. Music, films, cuisines and sports avenues in Hong Kong are world-famous. All these things together make Hong Kong one of the best splendid tourist locations in the world. Buy the Hong Kong Tour packages today and enjoy visiting places in Hong Kong and not to forget the Hong Kong Disneyland.



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