Kolkata, a historical place that comes in mind when you talk about the East India Company which was established here in the late 16th century. Formerly called as “Calcutta” the city was renamed to Kolkata inline with their local dialect in the year 1999. Kolkatta is one of the four major metropolia in India which consists of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Also called the ‘City of Joy’ based on the novel by French author, Dominique Lapierre, the book depicts the hardships of various characters and their life experiences in the city of Howrah.

The history of Kolkata winds back to the late 16th century when the Britishers decided to establish the headquarters of East India Company here. They constructed the Fort Williams which served as the administrative office for the EIC. Subsequently, the East India Company was flourishing capturing a large portion of Southeast Asia, that is when the Nawab of Bengal attacked the Fort Williams as the company was evading taxes from the government, killing many of the British officials and later in the 17th century Calcutta was the official headquarters of East India Company after the abolition of Nawab rule. The city saw huge growth during the industrial revolution in the late 18th century and served as the largest commercial centre during the British Era. From the year 2000, the Information Technology flourished making it one of the largest economy of India.

Kolkata is also known for the intellectuals that it has given to the country like Rabindranath Tagore, a Noble laureate who wrote the national anthem for India, Satyajit Ray who won an oscar for his brilliant filmmaking skills and Mother Teresa, another Nobel laureate for some great humanitarian works. The city is also called the ‘Cultural Capital of India for its rich culture, artistic heritage and traditions.

The fascinating street life and artistic traditions will certainly exhilarate the tourist who visits the place.



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