New Zealand

A country of mesmerizing and diverse natural beauty, New Zealand is home to majestic mountains, rolling pasture land, dazzling rivers, pristine lakes, scenic beaches and active volcanic zones. New Zealand island is one of the most peculiar bioregions in the world that is inhabited by flightless birds that exist only in New Zealand such as a nocturnal, burrowing parrot and kiwi. Kiwi is not just a national symbol but also a name by which New Zealanders call themselves.

Maori culture in New Zealand is widely practised by the inhabitants and it plays a very significant role in the everyday lives of the people. The North Island in New Zealand consists of active volcanic peaks, sandy beaches, dense forests and bubbling mud pools while the South Island consists of beech forests, dazzling beaches, large glaciers, spectacular mountains and fjords. The offshore islands that include Stewart Island, Chatham Island and Sub-Antarctic islands are home to more wild islands of New Zealand in which some are even uninhabited. Recently, Asian, American, European and Australian have exerted cultural influence on New Zealand.

Arts in New Zealand is very popular and depicts historical significance. Portraits of Maori are quite common in this country. The Maori considers literature as very important because it believes that writing means sharing ideas, stories and poems to enlighten everyone. Talking about the music industry, so New Zealand’s music is greatly influenced by jazz, blues, country, hip hop and rock. Rugby Union is the national sport of New Zealand while the highest rate of adult participation is found in golf, netball, cricket and tennis.



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