Thailand is the world’s 50th largest country when compared with the other countries of the world in terms of total area. It is the 21st top country in terms of population. Bangkok, being the capital, largest and most populous city has grabbed the attention of tourists from all over the world because of its top attractions. Thailand, a kingdom that is heavily dependent on exports of electrical devices, rice, textiles, fishery, jewellery and many other things, has made a significant mark in the world.

According to the World Tourism Organisation, this country was the most-visited country in SouthEast Asia in the year 2013. Tourists mostly visited Thailand for Bangkok and some historical, cultural and natural scenic beauty that this country is blessed with. The traditions over here are all influenced by major South East Asia countries such as China and India. Thailand cuisines are famous throughout the world and they include a variety of tastes that are very popular among the people of other countries too. They include spicy, sour, bitter and sweet dishes. The food in Thailand is commonly known as Thai food and is available in almost all the corners of the world as it is greatly liked by everyone.

Talking about sports, Volleyball is rapidly growing here and is becoming popular among youths. Snooker is also a very popular and favourite game enjoyed by the people in Thailand. The economic development in Thailand has once upon a time witnessed the highest growth rate in the world. Tourism has also become very popular in recent years and thus, this industry too contributes majorly in the development.

Wildlife in Thailand is very rich and the elephant is considered to be the national symbol of Thailand. The country is also very popular when it comes to beaches and seafood. There are plenty of luxurious resorts that are very famous. The inhabitants of Thailand mostly worship God Buddha as Buddhism is said to be the main religion over here. Predominated by Hindus, Thailand is a wonderful kingdom that welcomes all its tourists gracefully.



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